Lidded Vessels and more...

I'm no longer working insanely early hours at the Medical Fitness Facility so I feel like I can create again. It's interesting how much that can throw you off center. I also took a break from all social media for about a month and it felt like a cleanse for my brain. Phew!

Mid-July and a beautiful summer it is turning out to be! I'm taking a class with Wil Labelle: "Put a Lid On It" and learning a lot about glazing techniques as well.  It feels good to be throwing again and experimenting without being attached to an outcome. The PNCA class gave me some good ideas about how to set-up a home studio and I enjoyed working with Cone 6 clay. OCAC, however, is my preferred school for the "dirty arts." I'm much more of a country gal than I realized.  

I need to install a utility sink before moving forward with the studio conversion. I am very excited about the idea of throwing vessels in the Treehouse.  There may still be some space to do yoga there too. The view is so tranquil which, as an introvert, will be ideal for a creative work space.

I hope you are enjoying Summer too-creating and maybe traveling a bit to gain some new perspective and spending time with friends and family. Be Well and Stay Centered~ xo Angela